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Would you be angry at the remark?

Ok would you get mad at what Wendy said. At the 99 cent store I only buy the good quality stuff. Never the junk. I have many, many beautiful blouses, blazers, sweaters, pants. There is this girl Wendy who I see once-a-week at the 99 cent store. Wendy always buys the awful stuff. I arrived before Wendy did.

Wendy: "So did you get anything?"

ME: "Yep" (and I Pointed to my six items - they were in my shopping cart - she could not really see them)

Wendy: "I am not that lucky, I guess I am picky"

ME: "I am picky as well, I only buy the good stuff"

Would you be pissed at Wendy's remark about saying she is picky? I mean would you feel she was insinuating you would buy anything. Keep in mind we really do not know one another.


To the spellin: I buy Jones, Liz Claibourne, Apt 9, New York & Company, LL Bean, to name a few. Plus ones that are not well know but of very good quality. Even customers and staff at the 99 cent store tell me that i get the great stuff.

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    Favorite Answer're picky at... a 99 cent clothing store?

    I'm confused, but yeah I guess you had a right to be but you had a good comeback.

  • You can buy clothes at a 99 cent store?

    Must be real quality stuff.

    The only $1.00 item of clothing I have ever bought, was a christmas t-shirt that was marked down like 5 times.

    As far as your question.

    If anything Wendy should be mad at you.

    Because "you only bye the high quality stuff?"

    What is "high quality" at a 99 cent store?

    A pen with ink?

    As opposed to the 2/99 cent pens without ink?

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    No, I think she was just making small talk, and being self-effacing.

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    How on Earth is that insulting?

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