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I am going to Australia great but I am concerned about...?

I am going to Australia for Christmas this holiday but I am extremely scared of spiders and I here that there are 3 spiders someone told me about that lived in and around Sydney: I was told about the white tail, red back and funnel web spider. MY QUESTION IS: What should I do? I am really afraid and I think it will wreck my trip because I will be looking all around me to make sure that it isn't one on me or around me.

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    Dont worry about it.

    I am the same as you, even the tiny little UK money spiders scared me.

    But I lived 10 years in Sydney, and rarely saw any, and it isn't as if they chase you anyway.

    You actually see surprisingly few spiders, but you will only believe that once you are here. I never believed anyone who told me ! But I do now :)

    Good luck, and have a nice holiday.

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    I live in Australia

    South Australia

    I have never worried about Spiders my whole life, there are no more here than anywhere else in the world!

    Yes we do have those three but I have never come across a funnel web spider in my life.

    If you're staying in the heart of Sydney then you don't have to worry about them!

    Sydney isn't as "country" as people think!

    So long as you are aware that they're not "friendly" spiders, then you will be fine.

    Quit worrying and enjoy Sydney!

    Source(s): Geez sorrrry about the wrong info.
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    Funnel webs are mostly only found in the more sandy parts of Sydney. They are ultra-rare elsewhere and they are pretty scarce around Sydney too.

    Redbacks. I do not think anyone has died from a red back bite since the 1890, more than 100 years ago. They were probably sick anyway. I have seen about two in my nearly 60 years in the country. They are second cousin to the American black widow and at one time it was thought they were the same animal.

    Never seen a white tailed spider.

    There are other spiders about, they are about as dangerous as moths.

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    There are many Aussies who are very afraid of spiders, but they seem to be able to live here without too much trouble. I've never heard of anyone leaving because they saw a spider. It seems someone is trying to ruin your trip before it starts knowing that you are afraid of spiders.

    I think you'll be just fine.

    If you're coming for Christmas you need to make sure you wear plenty of sunscreen and a hat etc. Otherwise your holiday will be ruined by a bad case of sunburn.

    I hope you have a good time here.

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    I' ve lived in australia for my all of my life too

    and I've never been afraid of spiders and stuff like that.and also Ive seen the red back and funnel web and if you don't annoy them they are pretty much harmless.

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    Redbacks: VERY unlikely you'll see one unless you're poking around in the dark corners of someone's messy garage. They don't move around, they just hang out in dark, indoor, undisturbed places. And they're tiny.

    White Tail: Never even seen one. Although a friend got bitten by one once when he was so drunk he passed out in someones yard somewhere. Nasty bite, but he's still around.

    Funnel Webs: Once again unless you're stomping around people's back yards in the French's Forest area you're extremely like to encounter one. Lived in Sydney for 10 years and never saw one.

    I know creepy crawlies are our claim to fame, but I give you my personal guarantee you will remain safe and sound from them your entire trip!!

    I see someone mentioned the daddy long legs are the world's most poisonous spider - it's a myth!! Check out the Australian Museum spider section.

    Source(s): (Lucky that person only told you about 3 of them!)
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    Haha I guess my story wont help then.

    I put on my shoes to go to school. And after walking around for about 5minutes I felt a string sort of thing at the top of my toes. I thought it was just a bit of the sole. So I took my shoe off, and put my hand in to try and rip whatever it was off. When I pulled out a hairy leg attached to about a dinner size huntsman spider, I almost crapped myself :D

    But yeah seriously, there are a lot of spiders in Australia, generally you don't notice them (or at least I don't.. used to them?)

    They usually just sit in corners or under sofa's etc. So long as you don't go prodding them you should be fine.

    Another thing that happened to someone I know, was they had dreadlocks and a redback layed a whole bunch of eggs in his hair. By the time he realised, there were heaps, and when he tried to get rid of them, he was bitten and unfortunately died.

    Anyway its still a great place.

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    Most Australians walk around on stilts. We have these neat little anti-spider devices that stop the spiders climbing up. It is a bit tricky sleeping on stilts but most people master it by the time that they turn 36. Or they are dead from spider bites. Of course, if you go for the anti-spider stilts the snakes will get you (and vice versa).

    You will not come across spiders unless you go looking for them.

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    Its not something to worry about at all, it just gets blown up in the media that Australia is full of deadly creatures that will kill you. In reality there probably wouldn't be one death per year directly related to a bite from either one of those spiders, and that is out of over 22 million people.

    I lived in bushland for over 14 years and only ever sore maybe 3 snakes, and they were harmless ones at that.

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    It's not those spiders you have to worry about. It's the giant hairy huntsmen spiders.

    During the day they lurk behind paintings in your bedroom, emerging only at night as you lay unsuspecting in bed.

    Some of the larger ones (dinner plate size) you can hear their footsteps as they scuttle along the walls. Sometimes when they are in hot pursuit of a tasty moth you can hear their laboured breathing.

    You turn on a light and they quickly squeeze their bloated hairy bodies back into their hiding places, so you rarely actually see them, except for a fleeting glimpse out of the corner of your eye (sorry Pink Ffloyd).

    It's no use using insect spray. This just makes them cough, and angers them.

    If you have read so far, you may realise that I'm pulling your leg. Spiders are no big deal in Australia. This is why we invented thongs.

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