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How do I get Microsoft Office 2007 to download?

I am trying to download Microsoft Office 2007 from the Microsoft marketplace. It's been at 0% for a long time. Does anyone know how to fix this?


I have open office but I'm getting Microsoft for designing. And it was at 0% for over 3 hours.

Update 2:

I can't get a torrent either cause vista's p2p sucks.

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    Are you sure you gave permission to your computer to download it through Active-X?

    If so, then you should try going back to the link and downloading the program all over again. Simply delete the icon on the desktop that resumes download and run Ccleaner or Disk Cleanup(program alrdy in the windows). This should hopefully work. Also, try going to and taking a look at your internet speed and whether it is consistent enough for the program to download without cracks in the process.

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    If you're using Internet Explorer to do the download, try using Firefox. I haven't been able to download a lot of Microsoft's stuff with their own Web browser lately when it is a large file.

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    How long has it been at 0%?

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    hey buddy i can tell u from where to download microsoft office

    u can download a trial version here but u can reinstall it when ur trial period gets over

    just u have to do is to sign up

    and dont forget to write a code which u will get while downloading

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    Get a refund, and get Open Office, the free open source office application

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    Don't do anything illegal. Just call microsoft and tell them what happend. I'm sure its happend before they will give you a refund or help you through it.

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    i am sorry but these files are subject to copyright.but if yu want to break the law

    {go on mininova and download microsoft 2007 enterprise}

    i am unable to say anymore.

    i will not be held responcible for any legal action

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    you would be greater effective served to purchase particularly than acquire. in case you get an unlawful replica, you will no longer have the flexibility to get entry to updates or fixes. in case you acquire a valid replica and locate the would desire to uninstall and reinstall, you will locate it a discomfort to end. greater effective to purchase this methodology with CD and product key. then you quite would be good to pass.

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