this girl asked said she has a serious question for me and asked me to highschool homecoming then said?

i started to say ya then she said she had a tux for her a dress picked out for me joking around and then i just stoped and after a min she went back to her seat and some one asked who was going to the homecoming and she said that i was going with her so was she just joking around and did really mean it or do u think she is still jsut tricking me or something? i asked a diff girl out befre that before i got on the bus and she said she was going with friends and then i think she told her that i did so idk? help plz

1 Answer

  • 1 decade ago

    calm down dude i can tell ur all pissed and stuff, just go up to hur and tell her that u coulda asked any gurl to the dance but u chose her and tell her that its hur lucky day, ull both get a laugh and shell go with u

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