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hopefully getting a new puppy soon!?

it has to an outdoor puppy. not too young or small. {i like this 6 month old beagle i found) but not too old or big either. how can i make sure he stays warm? how can i teach him to not run off? {our yard is fenced on 3 sides, but not where our driveways are} if i tie him up {taking him off of course to play and stuff} for a couple days will he learn that this is his home and he needs to stay? i plan on adopting from a shelter. how can i decorate his/her dog house? and what should i put in it? any other info will b greatly appreciated! thanks!


HAHA ya.

my dog {who recently passed away) never left our yard. and i really don't think that out in the middle of the country someone is going to steal my puppy. oh no! there's a dog napper on the lose! geez. u think i've never had a dog before? i just wanted some opinions. u don't have to b rude...

Update 2:

i didn't literally mean found. sorry! i found him on the internet. oops

Update 3:

i also didn't say i was going to keep him tied up..i said maybe for the first couple days. maybe u should read the whole thing first...

Update 4:

doxie: see, an answer like Kitkats would have been more helpful, instead of saying he'll never learn to stay here. and also, it gets below freezing very few times during the winter, and if it gets really cold we'll just take him inside for a while. we're planning on putting a heating pad and/or a electric blanket in his dog house with a flap on the door to keep the warmth in. i really don't think he's gonna b cold..

Update 5:

hey hey hey: thankyou! very helpful and informative! and u weren't the least bit rude. 1 question. why does it have to go in ur house? i have no problem with it, but just wondering

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    well i dont think that it would be nice to have ur dog tied up all day. i am sure u wont be able to adopt the dog then. shelters will not adopt a dog out to people who keep them outside all day. they expect that the dog will be kept inside. also dont lie to them and say the dog will be indoor most of the day b.c they can do house expection unexpectly and if they found out u lied they can take the dog away.

    plus if u tell them that the dog will be put outside most of the day and the yard even isnt fenced all the way i think red flags will go off at the shelter. the dog could possible escape and maybe even hit by a car. also having a dog tied up most of the day can cause behavior problems like aggression.

    i think that u and ur familly should be truthful to the shelter staff and let them know ur situation on that the the yard isnt completly fenced and that the dog will be living outdoors most of the time.

    also u r getting a beagel. they are mainly indoorr dogs and do poorly outside b/c they have short coats and plus they arent really ment to withstand cold and such. plus it is a puppy. how could u guys let a pup stay outside in all sorts of weather. and how do u expect it to be properly socialized if it is outside all day.

    if for some reason u do get the dog and the shelter let u. make sure the dog has proper shelter. make sure that the shelter has lots of bedding to keep the dog warm. also make sure to feed the more during the winter b/c it needs to keep it body warm since it has to stay outside.

    maybe u and ur family should rethink about getting a dog until u have a a fully fenced yard and be able to let the dog inside more often.

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    I give you permission to ignore the fairly RUDE answers some people are giving you. They simply can't see that this is just a QUESTION. ;]

    But, you should find more about this 6 month beagle, I'm guessing you found him at a shelter? and you could ask to see if it's background was good or bad. Either way, if you love the dog, you should get it.

    You may want to see if you can block the other part of your backyard, but if it is not possible, I'm sure it would be okay on a leash in the yard.

    To make it an "outside" dog, you do know that once you get it you need to let it roam your house though, first? If you love and care for this dog you may get, then it will not run away because it's new goal is to keep you safe from danger.

    In it's doggy house... you can put some chew toys, a blanket, and a pillow so it can be comfortable. Also maybe some water. But if you're going to keep your dog on a schedule, then the water may be an option.

    I hope this helps a little. Hope you love you're new little angel that WILL bring happiness, joy, and laughter.

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    If you really want to be sure that he will not run off i would highly advise you to fence off the last part of the fence however if you cant either buy a 50 ft leash and a yard steak or hire a dog trainer and to keep him warm but some blankets in a dog house or some type of shelter if you want some plans to build an insulated dog house email me at

    ALSO: sorry about your dog that passed away I've been there.

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    I don't know where you live, but around here it would be cruel to keep a Beagle outside for the winter. You can not teach him to not run off. I do not like dogs to be "tied up" I have seen what can occur. I don't think a shelter would let you adopt if you can't properly care for him. I am sorry, and I don't want to sound mean, but I would not let you have one of my dogs. There is a lot more to responsible ownership than just decorating a doghouse. Please get a book on Beagles and read. Talk to Beagle owners. I am truly sorry if this is not what you wanted to hear, but check back later, and let us know what you decided.

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    Cockapoo, maybe? If you are worried that it may run off, you could install an invisible fence on one side of your yard that doesn't have a fence. If it goes to where the fence is then it will have a slight shock. It will teach the pup right away, not to run. I know many friends who have done this. They will give you a special collar that does it. So if you don't want the fence to be working, then you can take it off, or turn it off. If you want more info on the fence you can go here:

    Hope that helps, or at least fixes your fence problem!

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    HAAH omg

    you think your dog will stay in the fenced in area alone even if its tied up? it could get stolen even when its tied up.

    Do you not know that dogs would chase after anything even though his home is there?

    please go research what a dog is first before you even think about getting one.


    ok seriously, do you think we would know that from the way you posted this question? and how would we know that you live out in the country?!?!?!

    and yeah if u live in the country then he would know its home...

    and just keep some hay in his dog house and give him some chew sticks since hes going to be outdoors u dont want to put a blanket out there, it will get dirty and moldy and bugs and crap would get infested in it.

    make sure you have fresh water out there all the time.

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    the easiest thing and safest would be to finish fencing the yard so the dog is safe.. this also protects the dog from other wandering dogs entering your yard.. especialy big ones or coyotees

    Generally I find most breeds of dogs are happier indoors with their people - as dogs are typically PACK animals, a puppy will especially have a hard time outside all day/night by itself with only small bits of human interaction, unless you have another dog or animals to keep it company.

    BUT is your choice..

    here is a link with great ideas for keeping the dog warm in the cold months.. good helpful; link

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    If you found this dog and he wants to run away, chances are... he's lost and wants to find his real owners. If you have put signs up that you found him and no one claimed him, then you should make him a dog house and have him tied to it for a while and make sure he has plenty of food and water near his home.

    also, make sure when you do tie him, not to tie him near any fences...

    he might want to jump over it and it wont be a pretty sight. I have seen this before and it's really sad.

    anywho, I'm sure if you give him lots of love and care, you'll do just fine!

    hope I helped! :)

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