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Can I be pregnant with an irregular period? How likely..?

My period is VERY irregular to the point that I usually only have my period when I am on birth control. I haven't been on birth control in almost 5 or 6 months and had sex two nights ago. The guy pulled out which I know is the worst contraceptive, but how likely is it that I could be pregnant and how soon can I take a test before I know? Following packaging directions won't work for me since I never know when I could get a period or when I'm ovulating. Someone please help.

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    It is completely possible to get pregnant while having irregular periods... it is however harder to plan a pregnancy since you don't know exactly when you should be having sex. My best friend had irregular periods to where she could go a few months without having one... so when she ended up getting pregnant(by the pull out method) she didn't know until she was 16 weeks... since missing a period wasn't an indication of anything because that was usual for her. If you have sex with someone... and you think theres a chance... waiting about two to three weeks after you have the accident to test... by that point implantation will have occured and the test will be accurate! Hope this helps!

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    you sure can! i went through all of high school having MAYBE 3 periods, and had only a handful more by the time i got married at 26. i had 2 back to back normal 30 day cycles 2 years ago, and that's the last time i really had a period! after the second one, we started ttc...and it happened right then! with you being irregular though, i'd wait probably 3-4 weeks before taking a test. best of luck to you...which ever way you want the results to go!

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    No, issues! I began having intercourse at thirteen! however nonetheless you will have to be having unprotected intercourse! day after today what you will have to do is get a being pregnant scan, be certain your now not pregnant already, take to scan, that in the event that they each pop out poor to get the start manipulate shot each and every three months, they are going to put off your durations and also you wont be come pregnant and you'll certainly not ought to use a condom! there's a 20% difference at any time when you could have unprotected intercourse that you are going to turn out to be pregnant so please get a few start manipulate for the reason that a 30 minute stay up for a shot is plenty higher than 18 yrs of motherhood!

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    You need to wait two weeks from the day you had intercourse, then test then. Also if your periods are that irregular I would see a doctor

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    pre *** can get u pregnant, wait a week or so and if u dont get your period take a test, good luck, or go to the doctor for a blodo test.

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    wait a couple of weeks, try not too freak out so soon. after a couple of weeks get a pregnancy test.

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