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how to get curls like this (pics)?

hey, I would really like to get waves and curls like this, but I have very thick, stick straight hair.

how do i get curls like this?

yes, I am asian, we're cursed with flat, straight hair...


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    ( wash your hair )

    first: tie your hair up in a messy bun

    ( wait till it dries )

    second: curl it

    third: use lots a hair spray.... but only the one that doesn't cause stiffness... and yes there is one : )


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    Asians have very beautiful hair so you are lucky! You should wash your hair, blow dry it, then take a straightening iron and put some of your hair in it and slide from the top when you get to the middle give it a 360 degree turn and slide it down.Do that and your hair will come out exactly like that! Oh yeah after your done put some hairspray on your hair so it doesn't go away.

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    those are great hair styles. I think what you need because I know a lot of asian girls who have done similar hairstyles, is a good styling, or texturizing lotion. Basically it makes your hair easier to styles and holds curls and such. I would go to a good hairstylist, if you have one already and ask them to maybe show you a few ideas. Also, go to a salon and ask the stylists about the lotions that I mentioned. They'll be able to assess your hair and give you the right product. Keep in mind, they are more expensive but worth it.

    Bumble and bumble have really good styling lotions I've heard.

    hope this helps.

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    You could get a wave perm, but it probably won't turn out to look like that. I was watching this show today, and I think they said you can use a curling iron and start curling from the top. Good luck.

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    i know, everyone keeps saying a curling iron. you have straight hair, so use a small one. it'll look like shirley temple ringlets at first, but once it loosens up (which it will) your hair will look great. make sure you pull out the curls from the curling iron in a downward motion. when you hold it, make sure it's parallel to your face, not going across horizontally. use a lot of hairspray. i reccomend rave, they have all different types of holds. your hair seems like it needs a strong hold, so get the maximum strength stuff. my hair is a different texture, but i do my hair like that a lot. i just shower at night, put curling mousse in my hair, scrunch it up with my hands, sleep on it, and in the morning i do that whole curling iron thing and shabam. i get compliments on my hair all the time.

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    Get a jar of lowfat mayonaise, spread it evenly in the bottom part of your hair, then go outside and sit in the sun until it dries, grab a sponge and just dab it on to make sure all the wet parts of it are off, then grab the ends and twist them around until they look how you want them to, let that sit in there for about 2 days and then take a shower, they will have the BEST curls you have ever seen, its alot of work but will save tons of money and just look fabulous.

    Source(s): Uncle is a hair stylist.
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    a curling iron but dont curl it up to the top of yer head

    only half way up

    then shake yer head out to make the loose curl look

    then spray with hair spray

    if yer hair looses the curl fast then spray alot

    if not then only a lil bc yer hair can get stiff

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    first your should cut your hair like that.. so itll be cute with the curls. if your hairs parted in the middle and very thick and full.. it wont look as cute. maybe even dye your hair lighter so your hair will feel a bit more thin and light. so itll be easier to curl

    try a chi. [hair straightener]

    but it makes excellent curls. you look up how to curl your hair on youtube with a straightener. curling irons dont work for me. only straighteners. so i can striaghten and curl =)

    hope this helps!

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    if you want small cute curls a skinny iron and finishing or holding spray.

    if you want wide normal curls like the pictures a thick iron and holding spray.

    If you just want to see if your hair can you can use moose oh and those warm roll thingys people put on their hair

    I have a friend that went to a salon and got a perm that makes your hair curly

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    my hair is naturally wavy, but dries super frizzy and i used to only be able to scrunch my hair for small curls or straighten it completely..

    but i learned if you use a curling iron and professional salon-quality hot curling spray, it will hold great for big natural-looking curls/waves like the pix. the link provided is the one that hold my hair best...

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    ok first after taking a shower with still wet hair but banana curlers into the ends of your hair however tight or loss you want (tighter gives you more spirally curls obviously) You can find them at a sally beauty supply or whatever beauty supply store you have in your town. good luck!

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