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i'm asking in this section because this is wear all the women are, and i need you guys' advice, really bad!!!?


anyways, there is this girl on my bus, and she is beautiful. but i don't know if she even knows i'm alive!

usually on the bus in the afternoon, after everyone starts getting off at their stops, her girlfriends usually come to the front of the bus where i sit at and flirt with me, while she stays at the back of the bus talking to her guy friends.

i'm really shy, i almost never talk on the bus, but how can i let her know that i want her to come to the front of the bus and sit with me, and leave her friends (GIRLS AND GUYS) back there?

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    tommorrow when her friends come to the front of the bus, say something like "is your friend scared to talk to me or something?". then her friends will go back and tell her and maybe she'll come to the front of the bus and talk to you on mon.

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    Im know you said your shy but maybe the next time she gets on the bus you can ask if she would like to sit with you so will not have to pull her away from the guys and her friends. Or maybe if you know one of her friends you can get them to encourage her to come sit in the front with you.

    Best of luck

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    I don't know.. no offense but maybe she isn't interested if she doesn't come over? What reason would there be for her to stay away? Or do you think she likes you too and is shy to come over to you?

    By the way if this is your sisters account you better delete this if you don't have permission! Do you want her to see your Q.. probably not... if she doesn't care then maybe you should ask your sister for advice ? :)

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    if you want something youve got to tell her. dont worry you just got to be confident it seems like the hardest thing in the world, but believe me the reward is much better agreed?

    Source(s): my bf is a shy boy!
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