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How do I make the first move?

So I'm 16 and a Junior in high school.So today I was hanging out with a chick watching a movie. I like this chick and so I really wanted to make a move. Problem is, I'm ill equipped experience wise and so I was really nervous. Because of this, wasn't sure how to make a move. I know I'm supposed to and it makes them like me less if I don't assuming they know I'm interested. Any suggestions of what to do so as to make a move?

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    Fist off, don't call her a chick to her face or she might be the one to make a "move" away from you.

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    you know the whole arm stretch well thats a start. it worked with me lol. then just get closer.

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    if she thinks youre funny act cute around her like put your hand around her shoulder gently but then say i was just jking

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    put your arm around her

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  • just talk to her

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