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Australians have you purchased plants from Bunnings Warehouse and have they become established and grown well?

I have purchased around 20 outdoor shrubs from Bunnings over the past 3 years and of those only 2 - 3 have become established and are growing at the rate they should. Out of the rest around 50% are struggling and the other 50% have died! Yet plants that I have purchased from other garden nurseries and even Woolworths are thriving! Has this happened to anyone else?

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    Most plants from Bunnings, Woolworths or the Nurseries come from the same growers. Sometimes the hardware shops and the nurseries get their plants from smaller growers and these plants are usually grown on a bit longer and have say more roots etc.

    If you look at the labels you will notice that a lot of plants these days come from the large commercial growers and because of demand they are mass producing large quantities quickly.This can be a necessity these days to meet the demand say for a new variety. These plants are usually grown in very sheltered conditions quickly. You then take them home and plant them in the hot sun in a harsh environment and if your like me you forget to water them regularly before they are established. A recipe for disaster!

    The biggest trouble with chain store plant purchasing is unless you are really lucky, there is no one in the garden section that knows anything about plants. The chains think it is clever to save money on staff, but it doesn't make for happy customers. The chains also get in what is in flower or what looks nice at a certain time of the year, so quite regularly you see stores selling say Azaleas when they like an acid soil and you live in an alkaline soil area, you know that most of the plants that are taken home will die unless they are going into pots. Quite often you see plants for sale that won't take a hint of frost in a frost prone area.

    If you buy any of the latest varieties, make sure you give the plants a lot of TLC when you take them home. Never miss a watering or they could be dead. Make sure you do your own research because unless you go to a nursery and talk to someone who knows your area the plants mightn't suit your climate at all, and are sure to fail.

    Everyone today is trying to save money, but it may be a false economy unless you really have done your research to buy off the shelf without talking to someone that has the knowledge you need to be successful. You loose growing time and money.

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    Bunnings Warehouse Plants

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