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Question for people who travel with their pets?

How do you find a hotel to stay at? What are the most important features?

I am asking to improve marketing techniques where i work as we are a small hotel that accepts pets and i would like to get the word out to more potential guests. any advice is appreciated thanks!

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    You can get a mutt mit dispenser and put it in the area where you want people to walk their dogs.

    Typically I am going to a dog show so obviously being near where the shows are is one thing.

    You don't say where you are but if I were you I would contact your local vets, kennel clubs etc and post something Like : For your out of town visitors who travel with their pets - pets are welcom at xyz hotel.

    If you know there are dog shows within 5 miles of where you are - ask to get in there list and it would go out to all people in the area with dogs.

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    If you are in North America, the AAA/CAA publishes a book that lists all hotels that accept pets, organized by city. It makes traveling so much easier, and it's money well spent, in my opinion.

    If you are in another country, then your local motor club may have something similar. Or, you can always have a web search, but I have found the book is easier to use when on the road, and is more inclusive.

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