Why is universal health care seen by US conservatives as such a threat?

I've never understood this. Universal health care simply means that everyone has equal access to health care. In Canada, Britain, and Sweden, to name but a few, it has existed for decades and all of those countries have a higher standard of living than the US.

Perhaps the very rich would not wish to mingle with the rest of us in a waiting room, or perhaps some rich doctors worry that they would not be free to charge whatever fees they like. But if you yourself are not a doctor, and not terribly rich, what exactly is the problem?


Hmm, some very good points raised here. Thanks for your sincere comments, all. Just one more thing to add though: in countries like Japan, 70% of all healthcafre is paid by taxes, the other 30% is paid by the individual as the services are used. So they have "user fees" which i think is a nice compromise. It seems that the US government should be able to afford to subsidize all of its citizens to some extent -- if not 70%, how about 605, 50%, etc.?

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    Uh. In Canada, they admit it sucks. Including the man who pushed for it years ago.

    Why do you think they are coming across the border to get procedures done.

    1. I don't want the Government telling me what procedures I can or can not have.

    2. I want to see whatever doctor I want.

    3. I don't want to wait

    4 Fannie Mae

    I'd rather leave them out of it and pay for my own.

    How many people who don't have insurance do have the following.

    2 tv's



    etc etc.

    its about priorities

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    Because in a sense it is just like socialized medicine. And even though it is government run, the bottom line is always money. People are still going to have to pay out of pocket for expenses. They are not going to be able to get the testing and treatment they need in a timely manner if at all because everyone and their mother will be lined up. There is never enough funding to pay for something like this. Why do you think they pay 70% taxes in the United Kingdom?

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    Maybe it's part of an American ideology. If you are working hard, you will make money - enough money to pay medical treatment.

    Following this doctrine you might think that those who cannot afford it are not worth it.

    I live in Germany (sorry for my bad English) and think that this is a kind of social darwinism that many conservatives all over the world share.

    BUT - there are bad examples: the NHS in Great Britain is well-known for its bad quality.

    In Germany I have to pay 15% of my income for health insurance. But I feel fine, because I know that every German, no matter if he's rich or poor, will get decent medical treatment.


    Where did you get your figures? Some average tax rates:

    Japan - 17%

    Spain - 20%

    US - 20.4%

    Germany - 23.9%

    France - 24.4%

    UK - 30.4%

    Canada - 32.2%

    Denmark - 46.9%

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    A whole lot of people I personally have known over the past few years are intentionally asking their employers to not give them over "x" amount of hours every week that way they will still qualify for Medicaid for their children, and get more food stamps. Again, I personally have known these people. As a 20 year old single mother who is not on any type of government assistance whatsoever, this angers me. I remember working at Target when I was 17 and I would ring up a lot of girls with Louis Vuitton purses and designer clothes that use their EBT cards. I currently have a co worker at my new job who drives a newer model Cadillac and who is living on government housing assistance for $50 a month for a decent 3 bedroom apartment. Must be nice.

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    THe countries you mention have people that understand the concept. If you work and pay taxes you will get gov't supported health care. But here in America we have a lot of freeloaders that have decided to stay at home and collect welfare. That is the reason we Reps don't like universal healtrhcare. Healthcare is already affordable if you live withoin your means. Of course you may have to give up the Boat of the third car. Get a job that has benefits and stay at it.

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    Because supporters of Universal health care,

    Absolutely refuse to even discuss the issue of how much it would cost.

    I have actualy heard UHC supporters , say, we could pay for it, with what we are spending in iraq.

    Id just like to know, how your gonna insure 300 million people for 110 billion dollars.

    Thats just 366 dollars per person.

    Canada spends $4,000 dollars per person per year on Canada's national health care.

    Do that in the US and your looking at over 1.2 trillion dollars.

    Now just where would 1.2 trillion dollars come from each and every year ?

    The entire non SS budget in 2007, was just 1.7 trillion dollars.

    Total corporate and individual income tax revenue in 2007 was just 1.5 trillion.

    So how are we gonna get an additional 1.2 trillion to pay for UHC ?

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    Under the for-profit mindset of the American system, with their HMOs, universal health care would just bloat into a for-profit bureaucracy. American politicians and business leaders (maybe citizens too) are too self-centred in their politics and social views to consider supporting a public non-profit health care system.

    Source(s): I'm Canadian and there's NO WAY EVER I'd want to live under an American style health care system! If I was offered a Billion dollars to accept it, I'd still refuse!
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    Because it breeds mediocre healthcare. I rather pay for the good healthcare.

    And people will be less motivated to take care of themselves. Have you ever seen some of the people on Medicaid and Food Stamps. Not exactly the picture of health.

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    Because every thing the government touches turns into a sick joke.

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    Because their leaders would have to pay more taxes, which they don't want.. The followers vote against their own interests..

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