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Feminists and MRAs! Who exaggerates the most?

I'm actually neutral on this (I have issues with both groups) but here's two perspectives:

-MRAs have been accused of exaggerating false rape claim statistics

-Feminists have been accused of exaggerating actual rape statistics

Should we believe either or take information from a politically-neutral source?


What exaggerations?

Update 2:

The question was based on what I've observed both on the internet and in real life. The rest of the claims are backed by links.

Update 3:

Opposing a movement and fighting for rights are different things altogether.

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    No surprise here; you're going to get men saying the feminists exaggerate more, and the women will say the MRAs exaggerate more.

    The truth is, when any person wants to be right instead of discovering the truth, they will exaggerate. Anyone who sees gender issues as black and white are largely guilty of this, and that sums up most of the people that have answered so far.

    Yes I am a feminist so I'm a little biased, but I can admit that women who came before me may have used shock tactics to be heard. The past 100 years have been an uphill battle for women and unfortunately, some of my predecessor have done gone to extremes because they felt it was necessary.

    The MRAs seem to take these exaggerations and flip them around, like saying most rape accusations are false. So basically MRAs tend to base their arguments off the worst of the feminists' arguments.

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    You called me a MRA for defending Warren Farrell. That's the same way feminist call anyone a MRA for disagreeing with them. When a liberal argues with someone that completely goes against everything they say, they call them a right-winger or a tea bagger. Same thing goes for Republicans. I've been called a right-winger for not supporting Obama care and a libtard for being pro-gay rights. Also, I know you aren't a feminist because I've read some of your answers disagreeing with feminism. But you have linked Manbooz twice, who is a major male feminist.

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    Go to a police station and ask about the false rape claims that they have to process each month. Then you'll know that MRA's have been telling the truth while feminists exaggerate beyond belief.

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    You should ALWAYS get your information form a politically neutral source. Period.

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    MRA's because they state men never do anything wrong and that women just accuse them of battering and rape to get back at them. Yet they can't explain why so many women are murdered by intimate partners.

  • Anonymous
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    Well considering your recent questions alone I'd say we're safe in the assertion that MRAs exaggerate more.

    Call yourself neutral all you want but basically you're a pot stirrer. You don't want responsibility for your beliefs so you claim neutrality, all the while taking the MRA side. I think it's called straddling the fence, but with one foot firmly on their side of it. (So much for remaining neutral)

  • Anonymous
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    Put it this way, feminists use cherry picked data to get their results. Koss herself admitted massive flaws in her 'research' which led her to conclude that one in four women are raped. Her research actually suggests closer to one in thirty three when the errors are ironed out.

    Despite Koss herself acknowledging this error - feminists still to this day refer to that study and it's "conclusions" *as if* it were fact.

    MRA's have often come along and referred to feminist findings to discover other ugly truths' that feminists don't want the public to know.

    For example, one feminist 'study' claimed that every 15 seconds, a woman was beaten. The end.

    MRA's came along and discovered that using the EXACT same study, it revealed that men were beaten every 13 seconds (ie more men than women were victims of 'beatings').

    It's odd that feminists 'forgot' to mention that nugget of information. When MRA's have made this point to feminists - the typical (and predictable) response from feminists goes to the effect of;

    "You hate women - waaaaahhhhhhh"

    Another intersting claim of feminists; Harriet Harman (British MP and feminist) claimed "women who work part time only earn 40% of what men who work full time earn"

    Note the problem there? Feminists know that people remember odd detail - not full detail of news-bites. The above sentence was designed in advance with the intention that people would remember "women...earn...40%...compared to men"

    It exaggerates, through selective comparisons (oranges & apples) the wage gap to monolithic proportions.

    She compared part time against full time. She compared women who worked PART time to men who worked FULL time.

    Does she really think the nation is so stupid as to ignore that fact?

    Now, whether she thinks this or not reflects three things at least; 1) She wishes to deceive/exaggerate and 2) insults the nation and 3) attempts to anger women at men's expense.

    ETA: I have never as yet read any MRA state:- "men never do anything wrong and that women just accuse them of battering and rape to get back at them."

    Never have I seen anything even close to resemebling such nonsense.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Feminists, no doubt about it. Feminists have a strong history of spewing out false and bias studies; these include rape, domestic violence, the so called "wage gap" etc..etc..

  • Jose
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    Cristina, didn't you just read that he's not a MRA?

    They are both a bunch of fake drama people who get money from it.

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