What size should i get in these shorts?

hi i am wondering what size i should buy in these shorts. i am a girl and i just thought they would look cute with a nice beachy surfer-ish tee from hollister.(since thats my kinda style) i am about 5 foot/ 5'1'' and 90 pounds. what size shorts should i get? i don't want to order them too big or baggy, i want them to fit nice.

thanks! (:

here are the shorts.


yeah i know there boys, but they would look nice with a cute shell necklace, surfers bracelet, and flip flops.

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    1 decade ago
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    True dat about super cute. But Since they are guys shorts and guys are usually a size bigger, Get a 14. My friend is a Tom-Boy and is about your height and weight and she tried on some guys pants and she fit a 14 nicely. and yeah cause they are kids, not mens Get the large or XL

  • 1 decade ago

    the smallest size

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