How much is a Dark Armed Dragon worth?

I packed one 2 days ago buying 18 boosters, and I was thinking of selling it to the store for store credit. First off, how much is it worth, and how much store credit do you think I could get? What should I buy with the store credit?

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    Yaaaaaaaaa the card is worth about 200 dollars dude =O ur 1 lucky son of a gun man. if u want store credit look for about 150 man. look it up on ebay 200+

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    its worth $70-110 your damn luckyyyyy. the store would try and give minimum credit maybe 80 or 90 dollars and who would sell that at a store?? you would be better off keepin it and making a deck around it hehe but if you must then if i were you i would buy a game, or booster box. and whatever you do SELL IT SOON ihear that it may get reprinted as a promo for the next speacial edition box after crossroads of chaos

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    If it's the unlimited version it's worth $212.60 if it is the 1st edition however it is worth $243.30 so if he's offering it to you for $200, it's a pretty good deal, buuuuuuttttt, before you buy it though, you really have to wonder whether it will meld well and work with your other cards. and even then, if i'm not mistaken it you need to have exactly 3 DARK monsters in your graveyard, which may be a difficult situation to emulate. It's not even a card i find that amazing, but if you do, and think you can use it well, then go for it.

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    Lucky guy.. No don't sell it for store credit. Sell it on ebay for like 180-200 bucks.

    here in new zealand a first edition one sells for like 240 nzd.

    You don't know how lucky you are. My friends bought a box and didn't get one.

    Sell it on ebay man store credit is kinda lame.

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    This card can skyrocket up to 10 dollars in just one day. In the Year 2010 it'll probably be around 150 dollars. Keep it.

  • ur so lucky

    u shouldnt sell it

    it will probably be worth more money

    in a couple of years

    keep it dude

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    dude do not sell it u should probably trade it for an entire deck like lightsworn or glad beast

  • *holds pinkie up and does double take*


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    is impossible get it!

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