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Can anyone tell me how a Twilight vampire would hunt?

I'm writing a fan fiction about Alice, and like what are some really good details i could put in as if she were hunting? And does anyone have an idea of what her favorite animal would be to hunt?


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    My idea:

    Alice ran through the forest. She scented a big brown bear ahead and her nose twitched to the smell. She came closer to the clearing it was at, crouching low on the ground. Her golden eyes stared at the creature and she saw in the furture vision that she was able to catch it. She sprang forward quickly, too fast for the bear to see what was coming. She jumped on it's massive, muscular back and held on with her long nails. She jumped off and taunted it, giving it a chance to fight back for the enjoyment of it. She struck forward with a hand, scratching it's side. It yowled at her and spun around, growling.

    (Hehe, I would keep going, but you should get the idea).

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    A twilight vampire runs incredibly fast and has super strength, so it's really easy, they use their senses very well to smell then listen for their prey and let their instincts take over. Alice would probably like some large animal that runs really fast like cheetah, but in or near Forks, deer or mountain lion, like Edward.

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    Since the twilight vampires are all namby-pamby pretty boys/girls, they'd probably go to PeopleDonalds. Then again, since they don't HAVE to drink blood...and they can go out in the sunlight...and they are a total disgrace to everything that the word "Vampire" once meant, they'd probably just go to Denny's and get some potatoes.

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    crouched down with right leg infront. hands turned into claws w/ finger tips out like seting a voleybal spirng into an arch 5 feet above ground then landing with a tackle

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    probaby a deer or a fox? you can go to

    and search for search vampire and you can find lotsa stories with hunt scenes.

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    If you read the books, you wouldn't have problems trying to figure it out. Go back and read them again!

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