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Music from Ugly Betty episode Crush'd.?

The song playing when Willi and Betty are sitting on the roof at the end of the episode

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    funny i had the same question!

    its Look by Sebastien Tellier

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    The reruns are because of the holidays, maximum shows are on hiatus to make way for the vacation specials. you receives new episodes after the first of the three hundred and sixty 5 days. BTW, there'll be a complete of 23 episodes this season 06/07 of the instruct. so that you've a lot to savor

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    Check ---they've got a list of all the songs played in every episode, along with links to download those songs---as well as links to download the full episodes.

    Hope that helps!

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    The name of the song is called " Look " by Sebastienn Teller from the album " Sexuality "

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    check the show's Website tomorrow- they list the songs there under

    "Music Guide"

    remember the show has NOT aired everywhere yet- it's just after 6PM on the West coast

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    i just finished watching the episode... and i would like to find out too


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