i was very ill, but ambulance dissmissed it?

A month ago, i came on my period, at about 8 in the morning, just a normal month i thought. But my period pains got aggressivley worse.

I couldnt stand up as it was so pad, i was crying out in pain doubled over. I was then sick, (there was blood in the sick)

i started sweatin loads, but shaking at the same time as for some reason i felt very cold.

Ive never felt pain as bad as this before, it sounds silly, but i was really scared, i couldnt bear it. My flat mate heard me and came in, she rang an ambulance.

It took the anbulance over an hour to get to me, by this time the pain was subsiding. They asked me if i had been drinking the night before, which i had, but i had stopped drinking at 11, and wasn't too drunk. They took blood to see what my blood sugar level was, it was 4.9 which they said was slightly low.

anyway they basically said it was silly to have called an ambulance and i just had a hangover. A bloody hangover?

vomiting blood, sweat dripping off me, shaking, and suffering from crippling abdominal pains is surely not a hangover?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Vomiting blood is not normal and not a part of a hangover, see a Dr

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