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Who can I contact in regards to underage overwhelming amounts of drinking?

I was at a college (unnamed). I had beceom very ill and had to come home. I became ill because I could not sleep due to the extreme loudness and underage drinking that went on EVERYDAY! So now I would like to no who can i contact? It is a private school. I am worried for other students like me and if those students drink one of them could die from alcohol poisoning cause they drink every night constantly. So I was thinking of contacting there local police in that area. I am also planning on sueing the school because I had went to them and told them of the problems i was facing, and they did nothing. So is there anyone else I contact in regards to the drinking?


Sorry Sorry. I am NOT in that college, I had to leave because it became so bad.

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    The school probably ignored it because they figure that they are college kids and they're going to do what they want to do. It seems to me that the police are the opposite of helping these days. I feel as if they are more against you than for you. I don't know what you can do, I'm sorry. Try asking your parents or something. Good luck. I hope things sort themselves out.

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    It kind of just matters where you are, in some areas its taken more seriously. You aren't going to bug the cops, it is illegal activity. Give them a call, and as someone said do it anonymously. You could also probably try the campus police if it is on the college campus? The number should be listed somewhere online. Good luck, and I think it would be a good idea for you to call the cops because its obviously out of control.

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    EVERY time it bothers you call the police. The police love opportunities to bust underage drinking. If they get in trouble every time they do it, they'll stop, but do it anonymously to avoid retaliation.

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