What's this type of cultural scream thing called...?

It's a good kind of scream that Middle Easterners usually do...

Like when belly dancers are dancing, and they're all "wooo hooo!"

about it... so they do that tribal type encouragement noise.

But it's not just like "wooo!"...

Some use their tongue to make the noise pulsate...

it's hard to explain lol.


Some people do it at the end of this video...


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  • Hafiz
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    1 decade ago
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    I think you are referring the Oolu-oolu sound referring to a sound made by Bengali women simultaneously moving their tongues and beating their mouths with an open palm. It is performed immediately after the sunset while lighting the lamp for the night.

    The oolu-oolu is also performed by women of both families, is meant to draw widespread attention to the wedding ceremony. To complement the oolu-oolu, a conch is blown. Assamese have a similar version of the oolu-oolu, which they call the uluni. This is performed by rolling the tongue inside the mouth.

    Similar sounds are also practiced by Arab women to express their joys, particularly during wedding ceremonies, I suppose.

    Hope above helps.

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