I want to start a fundraiser for an international poverty relief organization?

After I get the organization's permission to send them the profits and use their name in our fundraiser, what do I do?

Can I get small businesses to sponsor us?

What can I do to raise money? NO CAR WASHES(the cause is to provide clean drinking water to impoverished nations)

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    yes you should get a small business to sponsor, and you should tell people to sign a sheet of paper so that the government will be out voted and you can start a fundraiser.

    And may you please answer my question (bunnyluver84).

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    What about a Coffee fundraiser?

    Specialty coffee and beverages are an exploding market nationwide and it practically sells itself. Java Joe's Roasting Company is an upstate New York based coffee roaster, who specializes in fundraising. Organizations will realize a profit of $2.50 or more per bag sold. The products will be customized to promote your organization (free of charge) and there are no set up fees or minimums. This fundraising program is equitable and offers your supporters a first class practical product that is perfect for every day use. Good luck! I hope I was able to help.

    p.s. My son's preschool made $2,496 during a 2 week campaign.

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    How previous are you? 20 what's your ethnicity? (White, African American, Hispanic, etc) White What are your political ideals? Very Liberal, Liberal, reasonable, Conservative, Very Conservative Very liberal what's your annual better half and young babies earnings? ______________________________________... a million. Do you donate to charities...? in many circumstances each so often not often in no way not often. might want to greater 2. How vast of a topic is poverty interior the international? a huge subject quite of a topic A small subject no longer a topic a huge subject 3. How conscious are you of companies that help coming up worldwide places, alongside with advertising nets to combat malaria in Africa? completely conscious quite conscious no longer Very conscious in no way conscious quite conscious 4. How conscious are you of the circumstances of persons residing in poverty? Very conscious quite conscious quite conscious no longer conscious Very conscious 5. on your opinion, are the persons residing in poverty at fault for their circumstances? fairly partly in no way in no way 6. stepped forward worldwide places ought to do greater to help third international worldwide places. Strongly agree agree no opinion disagree strongly disagree Strongly agree (yet no longer via the IMF or international financial employer which makes it worse) 7. have you ever donated to a international alleviation employer? particular No No 8. how many human beings by the international do you think of stay in poverty? 10 million 5 million a million billion a hundred million a million billion

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