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Aftermath of the book The Jungle?

I need some info on the aftermath of The Jungle like maybe some graphs showing how many people still ate meat after it was published or something like that..

I need to make a graph and I can't seem to make the right google search..

any help would be greatly appreciated


Yeah I know that laws were passed but I would like some data like graphs or something

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    It led directly to the creation of the FDA. But it wasn't Upton Sinclair's main focus to bring that to light; a lot of the stories in that book he just made up out of thin air, with little or no basis in fact. His main intent was to create a piece of socialist propaganda, as socialism was a popular movement in the day when he wrote it.

    Even though it's still one of my favorite books of all time.

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    Mostly the aftermath of The Jungle was improvement in sanitary conditions and in the working conditions for the employees.

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    After math of "The Jungle" is that muckrackers finally had their voices heard and laws were passed to promote the regulation of food production and ensure the safety of American consumers.

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    Upton Sinclair said "I aimed for Americans' hearts, but I hit them in the stomach"

    He wanted more workers rights, but he ended up just increasing food regulations.

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    Check out the history of the FDA.

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    Maybe you can google Upton Sinclair and see what happened to him. It MAY help. Or you can go on CQ researcher.

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