please be serious with this question (for the ladies)?

i was on a website where they had tips for masturbation and one of them was to get either a long balloon, condom, or a plastic bag and like to put clay into it so it's the shape of a penis and have "sex with it or to use like a cucumber or something but i was wondering if it was considered losing your virginity if i went with the clay and balloon way and also, what other masturbation ideas are there because i dont want my parents to find out so i cant get a vibrator and i dont like using my fingers, and help? oh yeah i i dont wanna use any food (bananas, cucumber, carrot etc.)



wait, then would my hymen break? because isnt that what indicates if you've lost your virginity or not?

Update 2:

how would i use an electric toothbrush? stick the handle in or stick the head in and turn it on so like it brushes my inside?

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    Your hymen would only break if you penetrate yourself, but it also depends on if the hymen is still there or not. Since you can wear it down during every day wear and tear.

    I'm not sure of your age, but if your trying to break your hymen deliberately then you could use numerous things to to insert. Such as the end of an electric toothbrush, certain types of spoons (such as one of those large spatulas with a large handle on the end), I've heard of people using a plunger handle - since it's the perfect size and shape (but avoid wooden ones - not a good place to get splinters - and possibly buy a mini plunger so you don't "over insert" and hurt yourself.)

    Anytime you do any type of insertion, you want to keep in mind that majority of woman are only about 6" deep and can't handle more than that without pain or discomfort (not all women - but some!). You would know if you went to deep though. So, whenever you use something to masturbate and insert it, be sure to go slow until your body both adjusts to it and it "wet" enough to handle the friction. You don't want to just plunge right in and end up either tearing yourself or bruising yourself.

    If your still new to masturbation, you may want to stick to clitoral stimulation and breast play until you think your ready for insertion.

    By using your fingers or hand, you can rub, stroke or pinch the actual clitoris. You can also rub the area around the clitoris. One good move that I like to do is grab the skin around the clit and rub it together. This kind of indirectly stimulates the clit. The clitorus is kind of like a small penis, although much more sensitive. So you can grab it and stroke it, just like you would a penis. Just make sure you're well lubricated because rubbing the vagina or clitoris raw is not fun...I know from experience.

    The all important shower massager head can be wonderful too. The shower head where you can adjust the stream of water, a steady, gentle stream and then a more powerful jet spray can be quite exciting. In fact, I’m getting excited just thinking about it. Just be careful to not send strong streams of water into the vagina for a very long period of time because it can cause air embolism. And if you're in the tub don't be afraid to get slide down and get your clitoris under the running faucet, that can be really fun too!

    Also - as for the electric toothbrush, you don't want to put the part you'd brush your teeth with into yourself and turn it on, that would be more painful than pleasurable - since the brush will spin and could catch hair or skin. You want to avoid any injuries to that area.


    Source(s): Any information you may need and don't want to post, you can e-mail me at I run a sex ed school in Boston, so anything you want to ask - feel free!
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    Lots of girls break their hymen for various reasons. There is two ways to look at the virginity thing. 1) Loss of virginity is loss of sexual innocence. Well you already lost that by experimenting with yourself. 2) Insertion of the penis in the vagina. If it hasn't happened then your a virgin with or without a hymen.

    Toothbrush is used for outside stimulation. It gets used for the vibration but not inside. Showers work great for this too. If you need details to figure out how these work then your not ready so wait awhile.

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    Electric tooth bush. Shower head with the hose. Paintbrush handle. It is not a sex toy it's a shoulder massager. Male of the species (my person favorite masturbatory aid) and of course the female.

    I'm not terribly into penetration myself. Most the nerves are on the outside anyway.

    Penetration with a cucumber or whatever (which seems a touch large) may break your hymen if it has not already worn away. However virginity is more than a hymen. Don't worry about that bit.

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    You do not lose your virginity by masturbating, no matter what you do.

    The only way to lose your virginity is by having a male person insert his penis into your vagina.

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