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what is your opinion on English History?

I have to do a report about it.

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    I think it is interesting. Lots of wars and intrigues to choose from. Write about The War of the Roses..

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    Fascinating; confusing; wars; religious intrigue; murder; Shakespeare; exploitation; military and naval power; scientfic and engineering inventions; democracy; architecture; the class system; monarchy; economic intrigue; medical practices and development of gradual sanitation. The invention of the steam travel enabled countries large and small to use "time" effectively allowing for the same time to be recognised hundreds of miles apart. Twelve o'clock in London, 12 o'clock in Edinburgh.

    Each monarchical period developed its own good/bad practises. Because the monarchy has been so powerful, these practises were fed into the everyday life of the people. It wasn't until post French Revolution that the people became important from the ground up (the base of the triangle) and challenged the State for a voice in how they lived were governed . Historically England was governed by 5% of its population. Monarch and Church at the top, followed by the nobility who ruled from the apex of the pyramid down.

    As in all societies it is the middle class that push for power using the lower classes as a weapon for their need to attain power to challenge/join the 5% for their own ambitions of wealth.

    English history is very complex. Everything that England did historically had a knock-on effect to the rest of the world, ie wars; possessions; politics; religion which may/may not always have been good. We have been led by remarkable people as well as idiots. We have made mistakes we have also shone in our defence of the underdog.

    English history is but a facet of the complicated English people (now British) that the rest of the world judges badly from time to time.

    I hope that goes some way to answer you question. Good luck with the Report.

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    what about it? the history of the language history? or history of the English people. If it is that question...the English people were the starting point for many things, and obviously helpful in our society. Pretty much every American has English desendents...they emmigrated and came to America. Some English writers have written classics, and been useful in the writing world. Even thier Art is beautful. So English history, they have def. made contributions to our world today.

    hopefully that helps (?) :)

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    what part of English history? there's a lot of it!

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