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My puppy plays under the bushes?

I have a 5-6 month old American Bulldog puppy that sometimes instead of coming in he will run under the bushes in our front yard and its a real ***** to get him out.

So far its really the only time the come command doesn't work. He's pretty good coming when you call him except under the bush. I'm sure its like a game to him and have figured out a few ways to get him out without trying to chase him. Like, if you leave the yard he'll run to the gate. Then you just grab him and takem in.

I wouldn't really have a problem with him going under there but he digs holes, eats dirt and branches and stuff under there. The dirt eating is something I'm already trying to break but I don't want him going under the bushing and digging holes. And I'm located on a semi major road with alot of foot traffic in an area that its probally not a good idea to leave a puppy out front so I can't just leave him out there till he comes out either.

How do I dissuade him from going under the bushes. The only thing I could think of was a shock collar or one of those noise things and to zap him when he decides to run under the bushes. Never really used one so I'd read up on them of course.

Any advise?

Or should I just work on the come command more?

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    You could try some Dog / Cat repellent ! Dogs decide where they want to be, by scent if you put some nasty spray or pellets under the bushes...he'll stay out. But work on your re-call anyway. Try keeping some easy dry kitty kibble...anything that's different and yummy..... and give him a taste, and praise when he comes.... Start out 100% treats the first week, then 80% of the time treat, then 50% of the time...then randomly 20% of the time he gets a treat, and other times just praise...

    Also give him some fun stuff out in the middle of the yard, tubes to crawl thru, toys, maybe a ball on a rope hanging up just where he can bump it around, things like something for shade and shelter...and maybe he'll be happy, where you want him to be.

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    Working on the come command is a good idea and will help. You could also try getting some wire fencing for gardens from Home Depot to try and keep him away from the bushes.

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    Leash training.

    Don't ever use an electric collar unless you have a pro showing you how. You are more likely to screw up the dog

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