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P!nk- this is how it goes down?

I can't find "This Is How It Goes Down" by P!nk anywhere. It's not on iTunes, Rhapsody or Napster and I can't use limewire. Does anyone know where I can actually download or buy this song?

Mucho's Gracias.

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    Really? You couldn't find it on itunes? Wow, I just looked and it wasn't there! Darn, that was my favorite song on the album :(

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    Here it is on youtube. I guess you could always record it the old fashoned way.

    Or, you could message the users on youtube and ask them where they found the song. If you want me to do that for you, I'll do it.

    Pink must have decided not to have the song on the album. It's the same with Can't Help It and Bad, Bad Day. She might put it out later.

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    have you tried looking for the album its from on itunes, you probably wont find it by entering the name, look up for the album and then buy the song

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    It's Pink...... seriously embarrass yourself a little more mate.

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    I could send it to u if u want to,, it's on my version of Funhouse!:)

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  • its not even on "Fun House" i have the album and its not on there :\

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    you can try spiral

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    sorry i wouldn't know

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