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i want advice please...?

Im in ROTC. at school. and thats where all the drama goes down, people always talking bad things behind your back, and i just can't take it anymore, and i want to leave that program at the end of the semester, but i am afraid telling my instructor.

how should i confront him?

and i already have all the credit i need if i join the military.

i am doing it this year for the seak of it.

so how should i tell him and leave for good.

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    You DO have the rite to drop a subject you don't want to take, so really it's no big thing. I think it's one of those things that you're so worried, that you're making more out of it than you really have to worry about. You could just say that since you've tried it, you've found it just isn't for you & you're giving notice that you'll no longer be taking this class. In time you're going to find something I've told myself time & time again & also tell & keep reminding my 3 adult children. Most of the time 99.9% of what we worry about never even happens & we do all that worrying for nothing. I have a feeling you'll also find the same thing as you go thru life. We get ourselves all in a dither for no reason. But, I truly think that's all you'd need to say. You tried it, didn't like it, so you're closed & don't do anymore unnecessary worrying about it. Truly, what in the world could he do to you. He cannot make you take it! Best to you, you'll be fine...:)

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    im currently a staff sergeant im my rotc program and saw a couple of my friends quit. this is what they did:

    they 1. told him that their life right now is busy and this class is taking alot of time.

    2.they said i feel like i learnt alot in this class and have been very helpfull but now i want to relax and try to get through my high school and be a kid

    worked for them may work for you

    also haven't rotc taught you anything? Be confident be strong and strong willed.

    Source(s): blah 3 friends of mine quited rotc in my school
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    i have been in JROTC for three years now...i don't plan on going to the military or anything.

    i'm there becasue i want to see how strong i can be.

    so if you want to just back down from all the problems tell your instructor. but if you want to stand up for with it.

    i know how it feels to as well, i'm a 1SG in charge of the whole class...25-36 students a day.

    i learn how to deal with these problems.

    maybe you can as well

    but yeah your instructor will understand why

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    Just tell him. There's no other way to handle the situation. But, you shouldn't let other people ruin something if you enjoy it. If you don't, then I can understand why you're getting out.

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    i enjoyed your class but i think its time for me to get serious about my career ahead of me. today will be my last day.

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    tell him this:

    "it has been great, but i am super busy, and its just not really working out"

    good luck

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