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Is it right to be upset about this?

My girlfriend has this guy that she's known since young middle school years. A guy she was very close with then eventually they just drifted. They've always been on decent terms. I never got a good feeling from this guy, not jealous at all, but he is kind of a slut, he has cheated on this girl tons of times. And I look down on people that do that because I think trust is really important. Well another thing about this guy is he is extremely suicidal, but he never goes all the way threw with it. (not that I want him to) This just leads me to believe it's all about the attention.

Well this brings me to current times. He tried to commit suicide. He hasn't talked to my girlfriend in like 7 months but of course he calles her to help him get out of the phyc ward. So she goes and everything is fine.

What buggs me is he only talks to her unless he needs a ride or money or a favor like that. I'm sick of him using her. Is this wrong? Am I right for feeling this way?

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    I think your right for feeling this way I think u should do something about him using her just because he dn't have money that is not right

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    yes you obviously care about her and make her realize shes being used.

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