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i have a tae kwon do red belt test and i need to increase my stamina?

i have a red belt test in a month or two and i need to know how to increase my stamina..

my red-brown test was 2 hours and 40 minutes. my red belt test will be 4 hours, that is if i dont mess up. i need to know a good way to get my stamina back in shape.

ps i need to gain wait i have a high metabolism im 5"7 and i weigh 114 i think so please give me your tips and hints

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    are you skin and wow

    im 5'8 and 170

    dont run though, running releases a stress hormone called cortisol which traps body fat

    it also is catalitic (spelling on that) and it will eat your muscle tissue


    jump rope

    that stuff that forces your body to push and push and push

    running is aerobic

    martial arts are anaerobic

    plyos are anaerobic

    you can also google anaerobic workouts

    you will see a lot of cardio kickboxing and such

    good luck on the test, prove the critics wrong about TKD its a very effective art when done right and not Mcdojoed

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    GET A JUMP ROPE!! and jump away. look up variations in jumping rope and start asap. before you do that- try to jump rope for 5 minutes without stopping and see what happens. you may be surprised at how hard it is. you may be able to run for 5 minutes but this is different. But you should still jog or run as part of your workout.

    also, if you are currently working out....add military type exercises to it. some of the most beneficial workouts for stamina use nothing but your own body (no weights or machines) and you probably already know how to do them. good luck, train hard.

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    WOW. you're the two somewhat good or i'm a awful instructor. My scholars generally take a pair months. Dan Gun is the white belt type and the foot artwork and movements stances are typical and type the beginning up for something of your artwork. specific it choose no longer be suited at White belt yet it quite is going to possibly be good and you will desire to start to experience mushy in it. yet i'm an previous timer with good comments and at present everybody needs to be Bruce lee in 6 months or much less. I smell hamburgers and fries.

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    Just jog, a lot

    It is the best way, to work on your stamina

    Also, for muscular endurance, I believe the best thing to do is lots of push-ups, or low weight and high reps with weights.

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  • Shawn
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    wait till you turn black belt... i had to do a 2 hour fight, 1 hour knife fight, and break 50 boards... tired, bruised and bloody(boards cut) after it

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    jump rope and run an then jump rope

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    run up and down hills also punching while you do it willstrengthen you punches a bit aswell.

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