How the hell am i going to find love when i look like a kid?

I hate looking young, seriously. i have never, ever been in a relationship, and it's making me sick inside. I've tried the dating sites, and it sucked. I've trying adding and talking to people on myspace, but they usually denial me or don't respond back. I've tried to keep everything i do in my life positive, but this whole love thing is making me feel negative and depress. I believe the prime reason is me looking young. I am 20 btw, and people have said i looked like 18. Some people even told me i look like 12!!!....the men i attract is older men. idk why, but i do. I am running out of ideas. I've been thinking about joining a gay conversation group, but i don't know if that's going to work or help...i am starting to believe maybe it's my looks. idk...sigh!!!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Its ok, bro. Some people do look like a kid. Looking on the bright side, you will look younger even when you're older. Some people kill to look younger! Isn't that a good thing for you?

    What's wrong if older men are attracted to you? I find older men are more matured and stable. Just make sure that these older men are not that super-old-and-horny type, that creeps me out too! LOL~

    Continue being positive! If you don't wanna stay positive, what's there left? Being negative? It's not worth it, definitely.

    Someday you'll find the one. All the best to you~

  • 1 decade ago

    What's wrong with attracting older Men. As long as they are not Chicken Hawks, they respect you are a person, and they are not ugly, you can be glad you have that.

  • 1 decade ago

    I actually like older.

    They're smarter, sometimes funnier, and sometimes better looking.

    You're really not close to your prime until your 30s IMO.

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