Slope Intercept HELP!!!!?

How would you do these and whats the answers? Thanks

(1). The line has a slope of -2 and passes through point (-2,4). What is its slope intercept?

(2)If a line has a slope of -2, a line perpendicular would have a slope of what?

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(3) A vertical line passes through points (-6,3) What is the slope intercept?

Update 2:

OMG Like thankyou everyone! : ) i like so totally forgot how to do these.....Thanx

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    the slope intercept formula is y=mx+b. m is the slope b is the y intercept. So your formula would be

    y=-2/1x + 4 To solve for y, put a 0 in for x. To solve for x, put a 0 in for y.

    A perpendicular line always has a slope that is the negative reciprocal of the other line. If 1 line has a slope of -2, a perpendicular line would have a slope of 1/2

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    A line can be written in the form of y=mx+b where m=slope b=y-intercept

    1) y=mx+b so y=-2x+b we have a point that we can use to find b, we have (x, y)=(-2, 4) as a point so plug in the numbers and find b. 4=-2(-2)+b

    4=4+b so b=0 and y=-2x+0=-2x

    2) The slope of the perpendicular line is the negative reciprocal of the slope of the given line, this means you flip it and multiply by -1 so -2=-2/1, slip it and you get 1/-2=-1/2, multiply this by -1 and you get 1/2=slope of perpendicular line

    3) Vertical means it goes straight up so y is changing but x is always the same which means x is always -6 so the equation is x=-6.

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    the slope-intercept form is y=mx+b

    m=the slope

    b=the y intercept

    x and y = point/coordinates

    What you do is you substitute in -2 for m, -2 for x, and 4 for y and solve it algebraicly

    2) *Hint- the slope of a perpendicular line is the negative reciprocal

    If you can't solve it on your own: the answer is 1/2 because the reciprocal is when you swap the numerator and the denominator and then you multiply it by -1

    3) the line goes straight up and the slope is rise/run so it is the number/0 making the slope 0.

    just do what you did in number one and substitute 0 for m and -6 for x and 3 for y and solve it algebraically

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    1. y = mx + b

    4 = -2(-2) + b

    4 = 4 + b

    0 = b

    y = -2x

    2. perpendicular line slope would be 2/1 or 2

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    y = mx + b

    m = slope

    y = the second part of the numbers in parentheses

    x = the first part

    b = the intercept

    So plug in the values of x, y, and m into y = mx + b.

    4 = 2(-2) + b.

    Solve for b.

    4 = -4 + b

    8 = b

    The perpendicular of a slope is the inverse reciprocal of the slope. Reciprocal of n is 1/n. So perpendicular of -2 = 1/(-2) = -1/2.

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    ok,nubah uno.

    so y=mx+b

    (-2,4) is (x,y)

    m is slope so -2.

    alright. b is the slope intercept, plug and chug!



    -4 -4

    0=b that is number one.

    Numbah two.

    a perpendicular line is a opposite reciprocal.

    -2 (flip) 1/-2 (and *-1) 1/2

    that is you new slope.

    numbah 3

    vertical lines are up and down, slope is rise over run.

    therefore, you have no run aka it is zero.

    rise over zero is always undefined.

    hope it helps!

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    1. Slope intercept form is y=mx+b

    Plug the point and the slope into the point slope form



    then solve for y


    2. Flip and negate your slope for a perpendicular line. so it would be 1/2

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    1) put it slope intercept form...y=mx+b

    m is the slope, b is the y intercept, x is -2 and y is 4

    2) the slope would be 1/2(the opposite reciprocal of the slope, -2

    i hope this helps!

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    1. I forgot how to do those.

    2. Positive 1/2

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    the slope intercep is -2 and the ine is perpendicuar this means the ine through each one

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