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where can i fnd a maine coon?

hey i really wnt a maine coon KITTEN but idk were to fnd 1 i need either a breedr or a pet store!!!! plz hlp!

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    Hi there... here's a list of Maine Coon breeders worldwide:

    Source(s): KCPT Clicker Trainer to domestic and exotic cats
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    Do not buy from a pet store. They are from puppy/kitten mills or backyard breeders and are unhealthy and overpriced.

    Look on the net for Maine Coon breeders in your state (or nearby). You also can find many Maine Coon look alikes (mixes) in shelters too.

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    Try , or, or , or the CatFancy Magazines sold at big pet stores like PetSmart. You can also do a websearch , just type Maine Coon into your search bar, and you'll likely find a dozen or more responsible catteries. You can also try a search on

    Source(s): 35 years experiance.
  • 1 decade ago ARE on the internet. Google Maine Coon breeders and rescues.

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    Aww, I used to have a maine coon cat, I loved her. We actually found her as a stray but we think she ran away from someone.

    go there it may help!

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