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i want to tell him that i like him but i cant?

okay there's this guy i have 2 classes with him and i like him we talk a lot. we text too. he likes this one girl but she doesn't like him because he ain't her type. he asked me to join key club but i blow him off every single time cause i was busy. i didn't mean to but that's how things work out. i really like him hes always by his friends and he always run to his classes so i never see him in the hallway. what can i do to tell him that i like him i never had a boyfriend before and i really like him. so i tell him in note if so what should i say in the note?

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    Keep talking to him, make eye contact, let your feelings show in your eyes, but don't say anything yet... maybe touch him on the arm while telling him a joke or saying something that happens. really make an effort to talk to him one on one, otherwise, how will you get to really know that you WOULD like him? You have to be able to good friend, and get along well. Maybe ask him a question, say you want to ask his opinion about something.... when he's with his friends, beckon to him and say, come on over here... and tell him something he might like to know about, or something funny!

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    don't tell him. wait for him to make the first move. we like it to be our idea.

    you can flirt and do things to show you like him but don't actually come out and say it.

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