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is this a good yugioh deck?

skilled dark magician (1)

beserk gorilla (2)

mad dog of darkness (3)

penguin soldier (1)

gmnini elf (2)

night assailant (1)

old vindictive magician (1)

mask of darkness (1)

giant orc (1)

luster dragon(1)

archfiend soldier (1)

Jinzo (1)

dark driceratops (1)

the fiend megacyber (1)

Andro sphinx (1)

needle burrower(1)

mystical space typhoon (1)

tribute to the doomed(1)

monster reborn(1)

mage power(1)

axe of despair(1)

swords of revealing light (1)

creature swap (1)

gravekeeper's servant (1)

heavy storm (1)

trap whole (2)

dust tornado (1)

a hero emerges (1)

needle ceiling (1)

windstorm of etaqua (1)

magic drain (1)

adhesion trap hole (1)

michizure (1)

mirror force(1)

tell me if its a strong deck and what cards i should replace and andthe cards you would prefer that i add in place o that card to make my deck stronger.


i also 4 got 2 mention

the shallow grave(1)

pineapple blast(1)

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    nice beat/lock down deck

    -1 hero emerges

    -1 axe of despair

    -1 penguin


    -2 trap holes

    -1 dust tornado

    -1 luster dragon

    -2gemini elf

    -1 andro sphynx

    - 2 berserk gorrilla

    -3 mad dogs

    -1 jinzo(maybe because u have too many traps)

    -1 swap

    -1 giant orc

    -1 dark triceratops

    +1 prime material dragon

    +1-3 dyna (since its hard to get i wouldnt recomend too many)

    +2 bottomless

    +2 solemns

    +1snipe hunter

    +1 grand mole

    +2 dimmensional prisions

    +2thunder king rai-oh

    +3 tuners like plaguespreader and krebons(perferrably this one)

    and some synchros (now a days almost everything is about stardust and other synchros)

    +1 allure of darkness

    +1 spirit reaper

    +1 dad (if u got him)

    +2 d-hero malicous

    +2 foolish burial

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    Deck Grade: 2 / 10 [Overall, it's just bad]

    Study up on good decks at and and create one based on how others are built. An example of a good deck would be something like mine, check it out at;_ylt=Ai9XH... .

    Source(s): Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG - 7 Years Experience Deck Analyst / Deck Tester / Rules Expert
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    great deck but mirror force is banned which ur not allowed to put it or use it in ur deck, i know it sux, i hate the rules!

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