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EASY 10 POINTS....!!?

there's this guy at school who hangs out with my group of mates and everyone in that group i like except for him.

i honestly can't stand him, he has no sense of humor and my mates and i heavily revolve around humor.

in this group there is like 20 of us and whenever someone makes a joke he says why its not funny and how it wouldn't actually work, he isn't smart but if he ever beats you in a subject he will laugh at you.

we all hate him, and we all want to get rid of him, but all my classes are with him, my mates and i aren't mean people and don't like being assertive in case we shatter them,

what can i do to get rid of him??

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    not get rid...just try telling him?

    if not probably u guys should distance from him slowly...or get him to mix with new people....that way he'd probably get of ur back!

    gud luck

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