middle school grading scale need help?

i go to a middle school in ohio (NE) 7th and 8th grade. Can you help me estimate my grade for math please really need help ! ok for homework there was about 15 assignments and i got 5/5 on all them. Then we took a quiz and got a C. My interim said I got a 89% in math (B) Now report cards are coming out and i'm scared. There were 10 assignments 5/5 on all them, and got a D+ it was 100pts. and a F on 20pts. on a quiz. Will i just get a low B ? on my report card? your help is appreciated

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    With the D+ and the F (120pts added together) thats pretty much going to kill your grade. I'd say a grade in the C range...The lowest you will get is a D...I doublt 120 can bring you to a F or anything...

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    i do no longer understand approximately Kentucky, yet maximum grade scales are huge-unfold: A one hundred-ninety% B 89-80% C seventy 9-70% D sixty 9-60% F fifty 9 - 0% instructors with distinctive scales generally print it on their syllabi.

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