Art degree gets you what career?

what kind of degree should i get if i'm interested in art. I love painting and helping others find their passion in art and expressing themeselves as much as I do. I haven't considered being a teacher. I want to make a difference in the world. my dad wants me to be a doctor though and major in science or math. and i'm really not that great in those subjects but when i put my mind to things...i always end up surprising myself. should i push myself to be something more...or follow my passion in art. today i participated in a festival where i face painted on people. they each really loved what design or picture they got...and i felt really good being apart of that and communicating with people about art. i'm a senior in highschool...planning on going to a community college because i don't know what i want to do!!!! i don't know what to do.. :( please help me.

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    hey do whatever feels right to you....if art is what makes you happy and you love doing it and you are willing to do it and learn more about it, then i say go for should always do what you want to do, don't let others say "wow! you should become a doctor because your dad (or mom or who ever) is." ( or whatever job they have) listen and follow your heart....and another thing that helps is to pray....ask God where He wants you to go.....where He wants you to go to collage and for what..... do that and you'll get answer! but listen with your heart.....and it might not be right away....but God puts people in the right place at the right time.... Just hang in there and'll find a way! God bless you!

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    I really wish I had heard about scientific illustration when I was looking at colleges and majors. If you are detail-oriented, you can be a scientific or medical illustrator. There are a few colleges that offer degrees in them. If you want to keep on the artsy side, as far as illustrating things we can't really see, astronomical illustration is getting big, or there's always paleontological illustration (extinct creatures).

    Or, you could start some sort of community art program, maybe with a business degree. There sure are lots of things out there.

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