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i need help this girl is getting on my nerves!!! how to get my sweet revenge?

this girl has done and said a lot of things really bad you wouldn't believe about me and she hates me just because im dating a guy that she likes and she was gonna ask him out but he said no to her and asked me out. i got a lets call it a "mini" revenge on her. i made a new screen name and i asked her questions about me and see what shes saying behind my back about hwy she hates me that she wont say to my face. and i asked her if she still likes my bf and she said " no i never liked him and i never will" and i was like " oh really? cuz from what i heard you asked him out and he turned you down" and she said " never happened" then she blocked me. how do i get revenge on her without her actually knowing it? like what i did with the "make the new s/n and see what she says behind my back" thing. and please don't say revenge isn't right, blah blah blah. i really need help this girl has a problem.

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    Just wait a little and save all the conversations you guys have. he he Then when she says something really mean and when something bad pops in your head do that or use everything against her later and either get her in big trouble or get her embarrassed in front of EVERYONE!!!

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