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Lose an errection within two minutes of sex or foreplay...?

I'm 19 year old male who has had sex durring high school but everytime I had sex i could never last...Sometimes durring foreplay i would lose it and it was extremely embarrasing. Now i'm afraid to have sex because I feel like i will lose it and i do not understand why it is happening to me I'm young i should not be having this problem.

any answers??


The women that i have had sex with are very attractive. i get a lot of women who want to go to the next step but i avoid it because im afraid i will let it loose so fast. So i've just stopped trying.

Update 2:

The women that i have had sex with are very attractive. i get a lot of women who want to go to the next step but i avoid it because im afraid i will let it loose so fast. So i've just stopped trying.

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    LOL get help

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    Techniques For Lasting Longer in the Sack

    One goal of most men is to last longer when they are having sex. But it is the case that many men cannot last as long as they want and may feel a sense of inadequacy because of it. You need to know that the mental aspect of the man has a big effect on his performance in the sack. Nothing positive can come from getting down and being depressed or having a gal partner that gets upset about it. Both people should work together to come up with an improved situation, as it is important to keep a positive mindset.

    To follow the tips in this article a man has to know his body. If you understand your body you will know how to pace yourself and therefore last longer when having sex. It is important to know when to slow it down to let your excitement level lower so you can take a step back to regroup and then pick up the pace. The second aspect is lessening the sensitivity on your penis. By doing this you will have to be stimulated more in order to get to the excitement level where you can climax. These techniques and tips can help in increasing your stamina sexually but they are not cure alls for your sex life. It will take a little patience, a lot of practice, which is a good thing, and a positive attitude in order to improve your sex life.

    One tip you can follow is to try the stop and start technique. This will stimulate the penis until you are ready to climax then stop, which can let your level of excitement to fall. This technique can be done alone or with your partner and then repeated 3-5 times per sex session. After 2 to 6 weeks of performing this technique you will fin that your sexual stamina has improved. Your partner will definitely be happy with the improvement.

    Another technique you can try is the squeeze technique. Just before you are ready to ejaculate, about 3-4 strokes away, stop the simulation by squeezing the base of your penis. You can do this by wrapping thumb and forefinger around the base of your penis and then applying pressure. This will decrease the tension and keep the response for ejaculation at bay. Make sure that you do this right before you ejaculate because if you do not it can be too late and you will have an orgasm.

    You can also try masturbating regularly in order to give a boost to your sexual stamina by releasing your sexual tension. If you masturbate more frequently you can teach yourself to get used to sexual stimulation. When you masturbate more and get used to doing it, over time, the longer it will take you to have an orgasm.

    Wearing condoms can also reduce the simulation for both parties, but especially the man. If you are not already practicing using condoms when having sex you can try them out in order to increase your sexual stamina. You can also wear a thicker condom if you already wear condoms, as the thicker the condom is the less stimulation you will feel.

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    It's probably mostly nerves. It happens once for whatever reason and you worry about it so much that it happens again.

    You may want to speak to a doctor. If there is a problem with your cardiovascular system those veins there can often show the first signs. Your doctor can also rule out other things and help you sort the bull you see on the net from good information.

    Talk to your partner. Make sure he or she knows that you're into them and that they're sexy but that the body sometimes lets you down. Move on to oral, keep going and see if he recovers.

    Are you on any meds? Do you do drugs? Do you drink? Do you smoke?

    Good luck and try to relax.

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    No, never take a sip of viagra around your age. You may get addictive to it. Lately, you will make a worst regret by consuming it in your young age.

    What you need to do is to control your sex emotional exposure, it's exploding and too effective. My small tips that had been works well to my friend who had faced same dilemma in earlier ejaculation, is by a respiratory therapy.

    Taking a yoga lesson is one of them. But if you want the alternative solution, it's swimming. I'm done through swimming through my puberty age, and still keep doing it until now, besides yoga.

    Building your stamina through swimming is procreating on how one to organize their breath control. Swimming takes to be calm, or you will be exhausted if rush into achieving the target/finish line. I'm talking about non-stop repetition of swimming back-forth, as far you can swim for current session.

    Holding breath under water is one of trick too.

    Good luck buddy. You should know, that tiredness -physically and emotionally- of a male may cause early ejaculation.

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    Either 2 things. He cums really quickly (He doesn't last long) And he does what any other boy would do in that problem which is go an extra round. If this is the case you are special cause that tires a man down, seriously. Or You are susan boyle Pick whatever you like just lookin the mirror and give an honest opinion of yourself

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    You have to overcome it. It's normal for first or second. Yet, if it's continue and affect your life, then go for an expert to give some advice. Most of the problems maybe just your thinking. Try to relax and have a discussion with your partner.

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    How does it work when you're alone?

    If the problem is always there, whether or not you're alone, then see a doctor.

    If you are okay on your own and only have a problem with a partner, you might want to see a counselor and see if there's some emotional block.

    Don't give up on the possibilities. ;-)

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    That could be connected with blood flow or central nervous system disorders. You really should talk to your general practitioner about this problem. Don't be embarrassed, as they discuss everything, and this could be a symptom of some underlying disease. Please see your doctor, they might be able to help you.

    Also, the stress you are putting on yourself to perform is not helping the problem.

    If you were my son, I would take you to a neurologist.

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    w/e man dont worry about it it pro happens to lots of guys just pop in a blue pill (viagra) an hour be4 you have some fun

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    awwww.... your fine just a llittle ED.

    go to a doc dont let this get in the way of your sex! he will probably prescripe you somthing for ED and youll be fine just have to take it when you think youll be having sex and youll go strong allnight long!

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