Should I actually be pissed or am I over reacting?

Well I have these two friends named Haley and Aliyah who thought it would be hilarious to play this prank on me. Haley thought of the plan... And she decided to tell me this guy named Jonah wanted her to give me his number and that he liked me. Then they gave me this number for this gay,lesbian, or bi hot line( they seem to think all that is funny for some reason), and told me it was Jonah's. My friend Hayley told me about Haley's and Aliyah's plan yesterday morning because she felt a bit guilty about staying quiet. I didn't call the number and wasn't planning to... but I got kind of mad when she told me. It just pisses me off that Aliyah and Haley would actually plan something like this... And they think it's funny to mess with my head like that. Am I over reacting? Because that's what Aliyah and Haley said today... They actually thought that the plan was funny.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    i think that it was good for that one friend to tell you, i mean we all have stupid and mean ideas but your other friend is kind of messed up if she didnt apoligize or anything

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    1 decade ago

    Do you think your friends want to hurt you? Maybe they really thought it was funny. Tell them that you think they went a little far and you don't like jokes like that. No need to feel mad.

  • id be upset, but i wouldnt like ignore them.

  • 1 decade ago

    if they did that to you

    they arent your friend.

    && i wouldnt talk

    to them && wait

    for them to apoligize


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