If we're not in a relationship why does she still act like it ?

A few weeks ago me and my ex girlfriend got into an argument that she pretty much tried to blame me for everything and she played the victim as usual..since then it's like our friendship hasn't bee nthe same...

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Well yesterday my ex girlfriend texted me and asked me did I want to see the new house they moved into since I was in a good mood I said yea got the directions and what not. I got to her house we had small talk like how my mom was and stuff...and then I asked her when did they finish moving everything she said on halloween..then she asked how come I didn't call her ??and said I could of at least called to see if they needed help moving anything...and other questions...She knew I had to work and finish my online courses which is what I told her....she got quiet, so I just said ttyl and went home....Last time I checked I'm not her bf (she dumped me 8 months ago and she still doesn't know if she wants to be with me or not) she says we're just friends but a friend would understand when a friend has to work instead of complaining about me never calling....and today she called my phone so I called her back from my house phone right after she called and she didn't pick up....which was stupid, but was I wrong for leaving ??? Should I just leave her alone...

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    Well, the rest of your question gets complicated, but as for why does she still act like it; it is hard to see someone else differently all of a sudden. My exboyfriend and I still live in the same house, and the same stuff still bugs me, so I still tell him, and we didn't break up because we didn't for sure like each other any more, so its hard to look at it objectively, its the same person, why would you be different? She could just be not a very good friend though and expect you to drop everything and help her.

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    She could still be in love and care for you. So instead of her telling you or getting back with you she would rather keep her options open. So she will talk to you and call cause she miss you being around and talking to her. All the questions is to see if you have found someone else so she will know if she still have a chance with you when she does decide if she wants to take you back or not. Its hard to just let go of someone you have been with that long they will still be on your mind and you will still miss them a lot. So right now she is missing you and she does not know what to do.

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    She wants to keep you at arms length, for her own emotional needs. Us girls are good at that, and we don't even realize we're doing it. Unless you take the initiative to tell her you can't be that boy, she wont change. I'd have a talk with her and tell her you want to be more or less but not in the middle, her choice. If she won't decide, leave and don't call. When you fall in love with another girl, this will mess up your new relationship.

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    at least both of you got in a relationship.

    i know you'll want an answer that's pleasing to your ears and direct to the point.

    but you should take time on your decisions.

    sit down and think about the pro's and con's if you just leave her alone. think if everything between you is enough to say "i quit"

    Sometimes you just have to ask yourself if you'd be wanting to live your life without her, or live your life with her.

    of course living without her would make things easier. but will you be happy with that decision?

    living with her, of course problems will arise. it's normal.

    but as long as you give your trust, time and support to each other. it's not goin to be that much of a problem.

    hope it helps.

    Source(s): at least both of you got in a relationship. i never really knew if me and my best friend(girl) are going somewhere with our relationship. we dunno if we're just friends or more than that. well, i know what i want. and it's to be with her. the problem is, she doesn't know what she wants. that's what makes it harder. but i need to wait.
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    Maybe she missses u

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    maybe i mean it is making you hate each other

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