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How does anyone get time for sex?

I have a 3 month old and even though she sleeps 5 to 7 hours at night I still seem to have no time for sex. And times when I am in the mood, I keep worrying that she might wake up in the middle of it and I'll need to rock her bassinet back to sleep. I'm putting off getting a mirena inserted as I don't want my husband to suggest having sex although he keeps asking when I will get it put in (he does not like condoms).

Anyone else relate to this?


The problem is more that I am worried she will wake up rather than not having time..

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    I totally relate. :) It will be hard for a while, but it will get easier. This is just one of the many sacrifices you AND YOUR HUSBAND will have to make. I'd give it a go while she's asleep, and if she wakes up...well...she wakes up. You dont have to go running to her...not to be crude, but if its not happening that often, then your husband probably wont need that much "time" anyway. LOL. It gets easier, I promise. EVERYTHING gets easier. It wont be this way forever. Just try your best to enjoy these times (even when they suck) because they fly by.

  • Its so hard when she is napping so we usually do it when she is down for the night. If she does wake up one of us runs in quick to pop her soother back in.

    There was a point when she was about 3-4 months old that every time we would even TRY, its like she knew what was going on and she would start crying.

    Its such a different feeling when it is just us and she is at grandmas. We are both relaxed and were not constantly worrying whether she will wake up and need us to rock her back to sleep.

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    You need to either put her in another room or go to another room with your husband. I can understand the exhaustion that comes with motherhood but being scared she'll wake up (esp when she sleeps at least 5 hrs a night) is not something you should worry about. Just get a monitor and put it on LOW and have some fun.

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    Hello, i was in the same boat years ago, and it does get easier.

    We had a bassinet in the room, and she had her own room we made for her next door. get a wireless monitor, they are great, you can probably find a really cheap on on ebay.

    if the baby wakes up, the baby wakes up. take care of the baby business for couple minutes, and go at it again. everyone has gone thru this, and don't think you are neglecting the baby if takes you more than 2 seconds to get to her. Have fun.

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    All you can do is try and then laugh when she does wake up. I would put her in another room during the act or go somewhere else because babies can smell your pheromones and it will wake them up like clock work. It will most likely be hit or miss but my husband and I just hope for the best and try to be quick :) Good luck!!

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    I think for the sake of your intimate relationship with your husband your baby needs to move into her own room, but the fact that you're postponing the IUD tells me that it's more than just worrying she'll wake up...

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    Why worry? She won't remember it even if she does wake up...nurse her to sleep as usual at night, and go at've got 5 hours:)

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    do it when the baby sleeps you wont wake her trust me

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    Naps, go to the other room.

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