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My cat ran away.. I think...?

Well, My cat has done this before, she goes away for about 2-3 days and then comes back.

Is that normal?

I'm scared she actually ran away =(


Omg, You guys are scaring me =(

I try to keep her inside, shes very fast and sneaky =(

Update 2:

I would never ever declaw my cat, thats wrong.

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    It is normal for cats to do this at times. My cousin lives in an apartment on the first floor and her cat constantly goes outside for days at a time. Screens are put in the window an he tears holes in them so he can get out. He never stays out for too long, maybe 1-3 days and never goes too far. He tends to stay on the block my cousin lives on.

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    i'm afraid once a wanderer, always a wanderer. It's in her nature, and you can't change that. One of my Burmese was the same, would just take off for a few days. She was nearby, having a great time hunting mice and rabbits, but just liked to be alone and doing her own thing.

    Unfortunately these ones cost us the most in worrying. But I really don't think there's a lot you can do, except keep her prisoner inside all of her life. If she's a wanderer, it will only make her more keen and cunning at getting out. It might also make her not want to come home if she knows she's going to get locked up.

    Sorry to say it, but my cat ended up meeting a car at high speed, even though we're in the countryside and down a long drive which runs onto a quiet road. It was just one of those things - wrong place, wrong time. Obviously I was devastated, but it's the risk you run as owner. The cat's happy, it's us that worry! I still let my other 2 out as they're happiest out hunting, but luckily they're home-bodies and come in at night of their own accord.

    Sorry I can't help more. I guess it depends on where you live to some degree, and how much danger you feel there is around. But remember, if she's determined, she'll find a way out and you most likely can't change that in her. Best of luck whatever happens.

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    If she is not spayed, she may have left to find a mate. You can put a cat tree or couch by your door. I trained my cat to jump on the back of my couch so that I can stop him from going out even when I am carrying stuff out of the house. If he is at my feet, I don't have a chance and cannot block him from leaving. He is neutered and does not have a strong drive to leave farther that a few feet from the door.

    Anyway, to train your cat, you praise your cat each time it jumps up on the high perch by the door and you say, "Paws up," or something like that and give it a treat. Eventually it will jump up there on command. So before you open the door, you tell the cat, "Paws up." The cat will jump up to its perch where you can more easily stop it from leaving.

    If your cat usually comes back, she will probably come back. I hope you get your kitty back soon. Have you heard of GPS collars or maybe a microchip if she continues to be sneaky.

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    She might be being fed by your neighbors, try keeping her as a inside cat

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    Try to keep her indoors the best you can but make sure in case she gets out you don't dewclaw her that is her only protection good luck

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    When she comes back make sure you get her chiped so you won't lose her ever!

    And You should keep your cat indoors, A Coyote could snatch her or somthing!

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    Cats are blank animals. You see it in the way in which they blank themselves and canopy their poo. Ultimately they do not wish you to be caught with a rotting corpse. So they pass die in which you can not uncover them.

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    she may just be hiding. i thought my cat ran away, but i found her bhind the couch. set out some food. also, get her microchipped, its about $40.

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    yes its normal, but it is dangerous and someone might think its a stray cat so they might kill it or take it to keep..... or eat it

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