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Is it bad to drink a little cough syrup every night?

I have horrible crazy insomnia. Sometimes it gets to the point where i've had such little sleep i hallucinate. And yes i've tried every thing i could (diet, exercise, the whole nine yards),. Sleeping pills are too strong, even one and i am still tired after 8hrs of sleeping plus it makes me sick. Lately I've found the perfect thing, just small swig of night time cough syrup. It's a great pain reliever and i can easily sleep and wake up w/in 5-6 hrs w/lots of energy. It's so perfect but i don't know if i'm doing myself any harm making this a routine thing.

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    Any kind of sleep aid is problematic, especially if you're using it every night. Because what you're using is probably an antihistamine, you'll develop a tolerance. But aside from that, there' no real risk.

    On a side note, generic Benadryl/diphenhydramine would do the same thing and cost less.

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    I might move to the Doctor's surgical procedure and provide an explanation for the problem you might have had, and ask him/her what might be well for the suffering. That is not any medication for a bloodless, however a minimum of they may be able to subscribe anything to aid you.

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