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Why does my upper right molar hurt when I bite down?

It feels like the molar is now lower than the rest of my teeth. I have a filling on the outer side of the molar. I'm thinking that maybe I cracked the filling or it came loose. I will not be able to go to the dentist till the middle of next week. It hurts, especially when I eat. But I also have a constant migraine around my temple. I took some Ibuprofen 800 that I had left over from my wisdom teeth being taken out but so far it's not helping with the pain. Also, when they were taking out the wisdom teeth could they have knocked the filling loose in that tooth?

Thanks for any advise.

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    Well, it is a possibility your filling has loosened. Sometimes fillings wear down from use. It is possible your filling became loose, and the place the filling was covering has become a cavity.

    I know for a fact, you will probably need a root canal, if it is the molar hurting.

    There is a possibility you may have jaw or gum problems.

    For now, I recommend cleaning any area that is hurting extensively.

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