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Do fake gauges fit my ear...?

I'm not aloud to stretch my ears at all, they are pierced normal size (no stretching has been done in past). and i love the gauges look, and i found these

they're fake gauges, and i wanna get them but it says 16:gauge.

All the ones on the website are like that, i was wondering if i could fit them through my ear hole.. and i also was wondering,

if not; is there any other kinds of fake plugs that fit normal ear piercings?

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    16g means they are 1.2mm thick (the bar). These will fit normal ears.

    You'll get the look you want without the stretching. They look great so go for it!

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    Yes they fit. but be weary there alot of pretty and cool plugs that dont come in "fake" style. so you wont be able to get them no matter how hard you look. and you might be made fun of by people saying you're wearing fake ones. but whatever who cares. also just a heads up they arent called gauges the gauge is just the size of what you used to stretched your ear and your ear size example is when you see something say 16g the g stands for gauge. theres only plugs, tapers, & spirals each with a different kind of style and color. no such thing of having a gauge in your ear.

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