I need some cheering up I have such a broken heart. ?

Say something funny or inspiring to help me. I found out my ex has a new girl and hurts so bad.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Cheer up. Remember things happen for a reason. You will find someone to. When that day comes you will be so happy that things happen like they did. For another thing the relationship will not last she will be the next ex because most guys cant stay with one women. But their is someone special for you out their... CHEER UP GIRL !!

    Theirs to many MEN out their and you need to become UNLEASHED and give a little medcine of his own.. THAT always works so well !!!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Hmmmm 1st Of All Am So Sorry *Hugs*

    2ndly Ummm Maybe Just Think To Yourself &+ Actually Say It To His New G,f If Yu Get Into a Arguement With Her " Everything That She Likes That He Does In Tha BedRoom Department (Sorry To Bring It Up) You Taught Him (As In Yourself) lol.

    Or Maybe Just Send Him a Text Sayin Evertime Your ******* Her i Hope You See My Face , i Wanna **** Yur Life Up Like Yu Did Mine.

    &+ That He'll Never Find AniiOne As Good As Yu.

    ii Think Yur In Need Of a Good Night Out With Tha Girlies , Clubbing On The Prawl For Guys.

    Hope That Made Yu Smile. x

  • Jo
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    1 decade ago

    oh baby, hugs, hugs hugs, I wish you were here, we would get into our pjs, drink some wine, and cry a little bit, as bad as it is, you were in love with this jerk, in your heart, even though you are crushed and hurting, wish him well, if you really love him or loved him, you should want the best for him, thats what love is.....who knows, further down the road, you might come back together again....if not chapter closed, good luck, I dont even know you, but, I remember how it felt, nothing hurts worse, except, when I saw my oldest son go thru his first real heartbreak....

  • Dido
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    1 decade ago

    Listen to the song "District Sleeps Alone Tonight" by The Postal Service. It's a beautiful song. It consoled me back when I needed consolation.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Unfortunately the best way to get over a broken heart is to let it break so that time and space and help you put it back together again. Let the pain move through you but don't let it move you (make you act crazy around him/them, emotionally weak, or bitter and angry).

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I know how that feels. it hurts alot. just try to forget about it. wacth a funny movie or do something that makes you happy or makes you laugh. staying heart broken is not going to help anything and DON'T listen to any depressing or sad songs. their just going to make the pain worse.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    lol let me tell u a joke?

    One day a hippie gets a ride on a public bus and sees a hot young nun. He sits down next to her and promptly asks if she would like to have sex, to which she immediately says no and walks off the bus. The bus driver leans over and says “Hey guy I know how to get that nun to have sex with you…”

    Naturally the hippie asks, and the bus driver tells him that every night at midnight the nun goes to an old graveyard to pray for god to forgive her for her past, and that he should dress up like a priest and tell the nun she will be forgiven if she has sex with you.

    The hippie gives his thanks and runs to the nearest costume shop to buy a priests outfit.

    Later that evening the hippie gets ready for his big night and drives down to the graveyard and sees the nun praying, on her knees. He says “Behold, I have heard your prayers and you shall be forgiven if you have sex with me!”

    The nun agrees but asks if they can have anal sex in order to keep her virginity. The hippie agrees and once they are finished the hippie jumps back and pulls off his mask and says “Hahahahahah surpise, its me the Hippie!”

    The nun jumps up and pulls off her mask and says “Hahahahahah surprise, its me the bus driver!”

    lloll dnt be upset x plenty of fish in the sea. ur still young x

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    L I V E Y O U R L I F E (:

    good quote? ahhh srrie bad at entertaining.

    well.. UMM try listening to this song if u havent already "so what" by pink.. its not my favorite but it reminds me of these issues yet it makes you happy.. =)

    i reallly hope u feel better.

  • 1 decade ago

    I dont know what to say but I have a broken heart as well, if it makes u feel less lonely.

    Source(s): im sure you will find someone better.
  • 1 decade ago

    just think of the positive stuff dont think abut the past and the hurt and stuff its past you cant do anything to fix or change it any way think of the future and what you could or will be doign and the great guy that you will meet some day saty positve

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