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GIRLS: i have a concern....?

so i am going to the doctor and i need to talk to her about a problem in the womanly area but i am really nervous and im afraid it will be really awkward and gross! any experiences or reassurances?

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    a doctor is there to help you, they have probably heard worse and more akward stuff.

    doctors take there jobs very seriously

    trust me, it wont get akward, doctors are very helpful

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    Lady doctors see patients/girls everyday with "girl" issues...yes its embarassing for us at first but honestly the doctor has seen and heard it all before and is just doing her job. She will not judge you or make rude comments etc. She is there to help you....thats why she became a doctor.

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    I have never been but this might help you.

    He/She Does this for a living. They have seen people with herpes, AIDS, and other STDS.

    Therefore... It won't be gross.

    And Awkward?

    When you go in there just remember, they have seen someone who is worse than I am.

    You will be fine.

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    Don't be worried about it, doctors see things like this everyday, and you will feel better once you have got it sorted :)

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