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...................Portal Help!?

Ok so... at first, it was running fine "i finally got black box on this comp. I got to test chamber 8 and the comouter just shut down. Only other things that happened was glitchy sometimes.

I thought it was because Safari was my default browser. I changed it back to IE, and then it worked... up until I got the upgraded gun.

My dad thinks it's because i used cheats but i did on his and it didn't mess up ANYTHING!!! 'cept in half life 2 ep. 2. x3 wow i F'ed that game up BAD. But back to the point! Why do you think it's doing this?


It's NOT the graphics cards... one of our comps has DEAD SPACE... so yeah. it's weird tho. only certain levels. MAYBE overheating but wtf? i JUST turned the comp on. so it wouldn't have TIME to get hot. It just turns off. no blue screen or anything! It's jerky sometimes, too...

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    it's possible that your graphics card or CPU is overheating.

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    Maybe, you need a faster and better graphics processing computer with a large ram so the game will load and feel better.

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