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How to lose your thighs and butt muscle and make the thighs and butt look smaller?

Yes im talking about muscle not fat.

I got the muscle from running.

I'm a girl.

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    You actually want to lose muscle in your butt? Isnt that what makes it firm and non-flabby?

    Maybe you're too bulky and need to tone? It's hard to say without seeing what you're talking about, and no I''m not a perv! ;)

    Try looking at the following site. It has some free e-books that talk about what you're looking for. My girlfriend and I are also currently doing the ab program it advertises and it's done WONDERS for both of us. Anyway. try checking it out.

    Good luck!

  • 4 years ago

    lose muscle?? you imply fats? why might you desire to lose muscle???? it does now not make any probably have muscular butt and thighs then u will have to seem first-rate..and are compatible! if u have thighs which might be FAT then you definately ought to do plenty of weights and aerobic!

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